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Sesame Oil Seed

Sesame is a flowering plant, which is cultivated for its edible seeds, which are the source of numerous essential nutrients such as Vitamin B1, calcium, magnesium, copper, dietary fiber, zinc etc.  Sesame is a tall annual plant, which belongs to the Pedaliaceae family. It grows to about 5 ft. high and holds a lot of pink-white foxglove kind flowers. Sesame plant is cultivated primarily in Asia, especially in China, India and Burma. It needs sufficient wetness for germination and early development. Varieties of sesame are adapted according to soil nature.
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Uses of Sesame
  • Sesame is used primarily as cooking oil in various part of the world.
  • There are numerous delicious sweets and food recipes, which are prepared through sesame seeds.
  • Dry fried sesame seeds spread over toasts, cookies, bread, salads etc.
  • In India and some other regions of Asia sesame is used in spiritual events and festive occasion. 
  • Sesame oil obtained from Sesame Oil Seed is applied for body massage in some regions.
  • Sesame oil is use as an ingredient in various personal care and beauty products.
  • In the western countries sesame is frequently used as a confectionary.
  • Sesame seeds are mostly used in the production of margarine in European countries
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Specifications for Sesame Seeds
Kinds: White/Black/Brown
Grades: - Natural / Machine Cleaned
- Mechanical Hulled, Aqua Hulled, Chemical Hulled
- Auto Sortexed
- Sun Dried or Auto Dried
Purity: 99/1/; 98/2; 95/5; 99.90; 99.95; 99.97; 99.99
Moisture: 5% max
FFA: 1% max or 2% max
Admixture: 0.01% min
Total plate count: 20,000 cfu/gm max
Yeast & Mould: 5,000 cfu/gm max
Staphylococcus Aureaus: Absent/gm
E.coli: Absent/gm
Salmonellae: Absent/gm
Bhc: Not Detected
Ddt: Not Detected
Aldrin: Not Detected
Detection Limit: 0.01ppm
Packing: - New Jute Bags 75/50/25/15/10 Kgs
- HDPE/PP Bags 50/25/15/10 Kgs
- Multi-ply paper /plastic bags 25/15/10 Kgs
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