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Pearl Millet

Pearl millet belongs to the millet family, which is primarily grown for grain and fodder purpose in Africa and Indian subcontinent. India is the largest producer of pearl millet in all over the word, where it is also popular with Hindi name as “Bajra” or “Bajri”. It is grown in drought, low soil fertility, and high temperature, where other crops generally fail. These days pearl millet is grown on over 260,000 sq. km. around the world. Production varies commonly from season to season because of rain fall variation and drought in the main production locations. The Organic Seed Products Pearl Millet is a major source of energy, proteins, nutritional supplements for a millions number of the lowest people in the areas where it is developed.

Uses of Pear millet
  • Approximate 95% of total pearl millet production is used as meal. In home, pearl millet is usually utilized for foodstuff like roti (flat bread) and bhakri (stiff roti).
  • Traditionally, pearl millet is also utilized as porridge or in the gruel form.
  • Sprouted Bajra or pearl millet is also applied in sandwiches and salads.
  • Today pearl millet flour is widely used in production of bakery items such as cakes, biscuits, muffins etc.
  • The crop residue after grain harvest is important source of fodder for livestock.
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